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Our mission statement and ethos

The Church of England vision for education is for all children to, ‘Have life, life in all its fullness.’ [John 10:10]. Bathwick St. Mary Church School’s ethos is built upon our Christian Values, which support our children, staff and school community to experience and enjoy life in all its fullness. Bathwick St. Mary Church School has long held core inclusive Christian values at the heart of what we do. Starting in early 2018, Governors, staff, the School Council and our children, refined, refreshed and developed a fresh expression of our school mission statement and our core Christian Values.

For more information please download: Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Christian Values

Values help define our character and ethos and by doing so affect our behaviour, beliefs and actions. Bathwick St. Mary Church School’s Christian Values are represented by six words that give purpose, direction and a firm grounding in all we seek to do.
  • We love others, ourselves and God
  • We respect others and the world around us
  • We forgive others and ourselves
  • We persevere and aspire to be our best using our unique gifts
  • We seek fairness in everything
  • We celebrate the gift of joy in each day

Our six Christian Values are physically represented in each class and in the hall where a beautiful piece of art has been created involving each child from Year 1 to Year 6.  The artwork is on permanent display in the hall for all our school community to share, enjoy and regularly revisit and refer to through the school day, week, term and year. 


Our mission

Our mission explains what we are doing and why what we’re doing matters and how we enable all our children to flourish:

Bathwick is an inclusive and joyful school that provides a stimulating environment in which we celebrate and nurture every child. Through an inspiring education rooted in core Christian values, we challenge and support our children to reach their full potential and become compassionate, courageous individuals. Our creative and rich curriculum and committed staff promote a lifelong love of learning, encouraging children to become caring and confident advocates for others and our world.

Our vision

A vision is an aspiration for the future. Bathwick St. Mary Church School’s vision is built upon our Christian Values and complements and enhances our Mission. We aim to nurture every child to be the best they can be and by each member of our community striving to do their best, we all will be:

‘Achieving excellence through the pursuit of good
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