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What makes us different?

Matthew 7:16 states, ‘You will know them by what they do’. As a Church school and one which, prior to conversation to an academy in March 2018, was a Voluntary Aided Church of England School, we benefit from a long held aim to serve our community by providing education of the highest quality, underpinned by our six core Christian Values of Love, Joyfulness, Respect, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Fairness.

We believe there is a tangible difference from being an ‘excellent school’ and an ‘excellent Church school’. Across the school day and across the curriculum our children and staff lives those Christian Values and appreciate how living a Christian life makes a difference. We approach everything through the lens of those Christian Values. From our school policies and documentation, to the heartbeat of Collective Worship, to the teaching of all curriculum subjects, it is obvious that our school is distinctive.

Families select our school for many reasons, but one of the key reasons is the educational and spiritual development we offer to our children, based on the life and teachings of Jesus. As such, we are an inclusive and joyful school that celebrates and nurtures every child. We challenge and support our children to reach their full potential and become compassionate, courageous individuals. Our creative and rich curriculum and committed staff promote a lifelong love of learning, encouraging children to become caring and confident advocates for others and our world.

Our staff choose our school because we celebrate individual talents and expertise. Our teaching policies are not designed to be a ‘straight jacket’ approach, but rather agree a broad set of principles that teachers interpret carefully when designing themes, topics and lessons that inspire both themselves and their children. Teachers and support staff enjoy a great degree of professional judgement and are trusted as professionals to inspire, enrich and bring joy to learning.

Children love our school because they feel valued, cared for and comfortable as the person God made them to be.

Welcome to Bathwick St. Mary! You will know us by what we do.

You can find our policies on the Policies page. For details of our Curriculum, please see The Bathwick Curriculum page.

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