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School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG)

The SNAG Group – an introduction.

There are many ways parents can be involved in school life. One of those is SNAG. SNAG stands for ‘School Nutrition Action Group’. The group is an advisory body consisting of parents with an interest in nutrition and healthy eating. Their role is to support the school and make suggestions to the Governing Body and PTA on how we can develop our school further in regard to nutrition. They have been very active in the past supporting the school with our delicious school meals and more recently with the popular ‘Fruity Fridays’ which have raised money for our PTA. Our current SNAG members are:

  • Chair: Lorna MacDougall: I’m very keen to help support the school creating healthier nutritional choices for our children with guidance from Ofsted and communication with parents.I run a catering company and have a passion for cooking and nutrition.
  • Leah Allen: Parent governor and previous Food Technology teacher with a passion for healthy, balanced and exciting family food.
  • Simona Thompson: I think it’s important to offer children healthy school meals made with fresh ingredients, cooked from scratch where possible, in order to develop children’s food awareness (perhaps due to my Italian cultural background!) 
  • Kate Geohegan: A Registered Nutritionist (mBANT), passionate about wellbeing education and the promotion of children’s mental and physical health of which nutrition is an important part.
  • Aga: Often described as a foodie, I work in natural skin care, and have a deep interest in what we eat and what we apply to our bodies.

We cover the majority of year groups but would very much welcome a representative from Reception – please get in contact if you’re interested in finding out more. Below you will find a summary of the recent parental questionnaire. By completing the questionnaire, you have helped ensure the SNAG group are making recommendations to the PTA and Governing Body that take on board parental feedback from across the school.

SNAG Questionnaire – summary of answers

The results from the parental questionnaire relating to school food (other than lunches) concluded that whilst the majority of parents agree with the concept of both ‘Freezy Friday’ and the cake sales, a similar number would encourage their child to have a healthier option if one were available. As a result of this and the comments provided, the SNAG group have worked with the PTA and the popular cake sales will now be divided into one per year group. In school, children will use part of the Design and Technology curriculum to cook healthy food specifically for the cake sale. All donations from parents will of course continue to be welcome!

Thank you for supporting our trial of ‘Fruity Fridays‘, the feedback has been wonderful, sales higher than expected and the PTA have earned over £100 profit from each one! ‘Fruity Friday’ will now be a permanent feature and we’ll be back after Easter on alternating weeks with ‘Freezy Fridays’ where a new range of lollies will be trialled. We’re very excited to introduce our next venture ‘Souper Fridays’, where cups of nutritious home-made soup will be available to buy after school, warming us up in January and February!

Comments regarding the PTA disco food confirmed more than half wanted to see a healthier option available. 49% wanted ‘only healthy snacks’, 46% ‘disagreed’ with this suggestion and 3% were ‘unsure’. Popcorn will be offered at the next disco and we aim to add healthier options at future discos, whilst striking a sensible balance between ‘treats’ and healthier alternatives.

The questions regarding Birthday sweets showed a significant majority of parents were happy for their children to bring in/be given sweets. The majority of parents disagreed with the concept of banning Birthday treats/gifts. The SNAG will continue discussions on this and aim to suggest healthier ideas for those who would like them.

Thank you once again to all parents who completed the questionnaire as you have helped ensure the SNAG group are making recommendations to the PTA and Governing Body that take on board parental feedback from across the school.

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