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Work Experience Students and Volunteers

Essential information and practical guidance

We have many generous volunteer helpers in the school community and often welcome work experience students for a placement at Bathwick St Mary School. This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

It is essential that anyone who works or wishes to work in the school on a voluntary or work experience basis: shares this commitment to safeguarding and the welfare of our children by positively promoting a safeguarding culture; undergoes any necessary safeguarding checks; reads the information sheets on this page and completes the appropriate forms; attends a ‘formal’ Safeguarding and Induction Interview. We know that anyone committed to safeguarding and the welfare of children will understand the necessity of these checks and procedures and continue to exercise vigilance at all times – alerting the Designated Safeguarding Lead should they be concerned in any way.


Bathwick School Rules (PDF 52 KB)

Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults Who Work With Children and Young People (PDF 51KB)

Documents For ALL Parents Working Within School (PDF 197KB)

Guidelines For Other Adults Working In Schools (PDF 144KB)

Guidelines for Parents Working in Schools (PDF 113KB)

Parental Involvement Policy (PDF 55KB)

Visitors and Contractors Working on Site Jan 2010 (PDF 134KB)

Student Work Experience Declaration Form and Letter PSF 363KB

Volunteer Self-Declaration Form 2010 (PDF 126KB)

Guidelines for parents working in schools (PDF 192KB)

Guidelines for other adults working in schools (PDF 192KB)

Suitability Declaration Form – March 15 (PDF 399KB)

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