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Free school meals

Here is a bit more information about how you can apply for free school meals. There is also more information here on free school milk and snacks.

Free school meals


Parents who think that their child may be eligible for free school meals should contact Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Education Welfare Service by telephoning (01225) 394317. If you believe you are entitled to free school meals, please do claim or discuss any questions with the Headteacher. Additional funding is allocated to the school for any child entitled to free school meals – regardless of whether they take up the offer of not.

Free school milk

Children in Reception class are offered free milk every day until their fifth birthday. Please ask your class teacher for advice if your child is dairy intolerant.


Only fruit or vegetable snacks are permitted.

KS1 (Infants) Breaks: Children may bring their prepared (peeled, chopped or cored) fruit or vegetables in a small, named plastic container. A receptacle will be provided in the classroom for the containers and the children will collect their snack as they go out to play. It will be the child’s responsibility to replace the container, with the lid on, in the receptacle when they have finished eating.

During the final afternoon session, children are given a piece of fruit or vegetable as part of the ‘Healthy Schools Fruit and Vegetable’ scheme. There is no charge in KS1.


KS2 (Juniors) Breaks: Children may keep a piece of fruit in their own bags on their pegs. All waste material must be placed in a specific playtime bin – taken out each day. The Healthy Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme has been introduced to the Juniors and parents are opting to pay for this opportunity.

Water is readily available for children during the day. Junior children can bring a bottle if they wish to fill up at the water machines rather than use the water fountains. Any bottles must have a leak-proof lid and ONLY be filled with water.

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