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Important allergy advice

Bathwick St. Mary School is a NUT–FREE ZONE. We also have a child in the school with a serious allergy to eggs and another with an allergy to a variety of foods. Please read the information below as it applies to all families at the school.

We have three children at the school who are very allergic to nuts (and one to eggs) who need epi-pen safeguards. We need to ensure that this remains a high priority for us all. If you have any questions or you spot any potential dangers or situations we may have overlooked, PLEASE contact the School Office on 01225 465654.

We are seeking everyone’s cooperation in ensuring that our school will remain nut–free – and generally alert to possible allergies. We also have a child in Y3 with a serious allergic reaction to eggs and therefore any specific catering arrangements for Y3 will need to be considered.

I am sure you can appreciate the ramifications of these allergies and realise that our vigilance can literally mean the difference between life and death for these children. However, the parents want to ensure that the children can lead a normal school life and, with the support of the school nurse, staff, parents and children, this should be possible.

To cover most eventualities, please especially remember:
  • Do not bring into school any obviously nutty food (eg. packets of nuts/peanut butter sandwiches/Tracker bars). This also applies to parents bringing food items before/after school – as well as packed lunches and class parties
  • Children who wish to bring in birthday treats will need to check with the class teachers very carefully
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